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Genna Marshall Actor Headshot by Ben Marcum in Louisville KY


Looking for “actor headshots near me”? You found them! Let’s schedule your acting headshots. Simply select which type of appointment you’d like. Then pick your day and time.  

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Your acting headshot had to grab a casting director’s attention.

As an actor, your headshots are one of your most important marketing tools. You know that your headshots will be in a stack with tons of other actors. Your acting headshot HAS to make an impression. Let’s make sure it does.

At Ben Marcum Photography I work with actors to ensure that we capture a range of expressions and moods. We will work together to ensure that you have a well-rounded headshot portfolio that will make sure you stand out from all of the actors that are auditioning for the roles you want. That same well-rounded portfolio is perfect for your personal website, your agent’s site, social media, IMDB, and anywhere else where casting directors look for you. We will work together to make images that grab people’s attention at a glance.

Can your acting headshots do this?

3 Simple Steps to Getting the
Best Acting Headshots You’ve Ever Had

Schedule Your Appointment

You can easily schedule your professional headshot appointment using my online scheduling tool or by contacting me here.

Step in front of the camera

This won’t be like what you remember from grade school photos. We will talk about what you are hoping for from your professional headshots. I will guide you the entire time you are in front of the camera. There’s no need to worry if you are doing it right or if you look great.  I take care of it all.

Select Your Favorite Headshots

At the end of your appointment, we will review all of your images together and you will select your favorites.  I’ll prepare and digitally deliver those headshots for you. Then all you have to do is rest easy knowing your headshots are making a great impression.


Sabrina Dewalt

Acting Headshots Louisville

Ben Marcum is an amazing photographer! He made me feel so comfortable and his style is structured so when you get in front of the camera you’re not nervous and all over the place, Ben guides you through it from start to finish. The atmosphere he creates is homey and he is hilarious so be prepared to have fun and laugh while getting the best professional pictures taken. I purchased my headshots from him and started getting audition invitations immediately.

Eddie Meyer

Actor Headshots

Ben was professional and a blast to shoot with. He will say anything to get the perfect photo and I would recommend him highly to anyone wanting to get headshots done.

Candice Handy

Candice Handy Actor Headshot by Ben Marcum in Louisville KY

Ben Marcum is definitely one of the best headshot photographers in the midwest. He can pull facial expressions and emotions out of you that you didn’t even know you had, and he captures that on film. The experience is worth every dime.

Ashleigh Hamilton

Professional Headshots Louisville

He is hands-down the BEST headshot photographer I’ve ever worked with and is a true gem for the Louisville area. No matter the reason for your headshots, creative or professional, call this man. He’ll have you rolling on the floor with laughter during your entire shoot, and will coach out expressions you didn’t even know you could make. He makes the whole process painless and stress-free. In short, if you’re in need of headshots, call Ben. I truly can’t recommend him enough.


Hello! I am Ben Marcum. I am an acting headshot photographer based in Louisville Kentucky. Not in Louisville? That is OK! I’ve had the privilege of working with actors from Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Nashville, New York, Columbus, Chicago, LA, and more!

I’ve created headshots for, independent actors and models, as well as for talent represented by agencies such as Heyman Talent & Helen Wells Talent, just to name a few.

I studied headshot photography with world-renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley. I became the first photographer in this region to become an associate photographer in his training program and am now the first and only mentor in that program in Kentucky.

My goal with every actor that comes for headshots in my Louisville-based studio is to create headshots for them that help them stand out from the crowd and get noticed. I want you to feel confident when submitting your headshots knowing that you have the absolute best headshot!

Louisville Headshot Photographer Ben Marcum

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