The studio door opens.  A person walks in to update their professional or acting headshots, with an arm full of clothes and a tentative look on their face.  We start talking and eventually I hear the sentence, “I hate having my picture taken.”  It is at that moment, I know that I can change this person’s world.  I am about to undo what a lifetime of school portraits and awkward holiday photos have done.

One of the things that make a great headshot or portrait is a genuine human reaction. That doesn’t come from me saying “Okay.  Now, smile.”  Actually, I am never going to say the “s word” to you.  I want the images I create of you to give the people seeing them the idea that they could be having a conversation with you. I want your images to draw the viewer in because your sincere and authentic personality is bursting out of each photo. That’s what I work for in every one of my sessions.  

We will connect, and it will show in the work.

I am going to make you forget that there’s a camera pointing at you.  

We are going to laugh.  

My hope is that before you know it has happened, you realize that you are having a great time!

Your headshot session should not be something that you dread. I will make it an experience to enjoy and get excited about! I am going to have a blast working with you and I bet I get a couple laughs out of you as well!