As a business owner, I get asked for my own headshot all the time. It has been used for everything from websites to press releases. Let me cover some way that you can make your headshot work for you – some of these you’re probably doing but a few others might be new.

Actors, for you there are some very obvious ways that jump to mind.

  • Submitting for auditions
  • Programs and playbills
  • Lobby displays

Neill Robertson's Headshot in KY Shakespeare Program

But what about these?

  • You should have a range of shots on all of your social media that casting directors can easily find. They will look.
  • Set a headshot as your profile picture. Don’t make it difficult for people who are trying to hire you to see you.
  • Put a series of headshots on your agent’s website that shows your range
  • Your IMDB page
  • Articles or press releases
  • Theatre or film project websites and social media

Not an actor? There are tons of ways you can and should be using a professional headshot.

  • Your social media (see this article about the power of your profile picture)
  • Your email avatar
  • Articles and press releases
  • Your website and/ or your company’s website
  • Business cards and other paper products
  • Billboards and other large scale media
  • Paid print advertising in magazines, journals, and trade publications

Scott Justice Headshot on a Billboard

Simply put, we live in an incredibly visual age. Someone looking to engage you or your company is going to try and find out as much about you as possible, and having a consistent, high-quality headshot on all of your public profiles, social media, and branding materials can make a tremendous difference in their perception of you.