It makes no difference if you need acting headshots or professional headshots.  Either way, you are having your headshots created to market yourself.  Actors, you will be putting your headshot directly in front of people who are making split-second decisions on whether or not you get hired based off of your look.  Both actors and non-actors alike, think of all the places you are going to uses these images.

  • Your social media
  • Your personal website
  • Email
  • Your company’s  website
  • Print marketing
  • Articles  written about you

….Want me to keep going?

With all of that in mind, should you hire a professional makeup artist for your headshot session?

If you wear makeup, Yes you should. For my sessions, I work with a team of professional makeup artists, The Beauty Patrol. Here are some of the major benefits of having these artists with us for your session.

Years of makeup experience

The makeup artists I work with have years of experience.  They’ve worked on all complexions, skin tones, and face shapes and know what products and techniques are going to make you look best on camera.  

They use professional products.

Many over the counter products are not meant to work well under studio lighting. The wrong makeup can reflect light and make you look washed out on camera or may read as a different color. Professional makeup makes all the difference.  A professional makeup artist will have a kit full of product

They stay with us the entire shoot.

I shoot all of my headshot sessions tethered (find out more about how that benefits you here).  This means the makeup artist can see what is going on in real-time and make adjustments to your makeup as need.

You get to focus on just getting amazing headshots

Most people come in a little stressed and nervous about their headshots in the first place, so why add one more thing to your list to stress about. If you hire the makeup artist, you know your makeup is going to be topnotch which is one less thing you have to think about.  You will simply get to focus on the direction I am giving you which means your shots are going to be better.


Let me wrap up my thoughts on a makeup artist for your headshots…

I have never had anyone finish a headshot session with The Beauty Patrol and come back and say “I wish I had done my own makeup.”  However, I have had multiple people come back and say, “I wish I had hired your team.”  In many cases, for those that do wear makeup, they end up with a larger range of shots to choose from and more options than someone who didn’t.