Your professional headshot is so much more than just another picture. By treating it as such you are doing yourself a huge disservice and possibly costing yourself to lose opportunities.  Let’s explore some of the reasons your professional headshot is vitally important

Your Professional Headshot Is Your First Impression

Professional Headshot by Louisville Headshot Photographer Ben Marcum

Like it or not, clients, potential employers, and anyone else who may be considering some sort of business or personal relationship with you is going to Google you. If you are reading this, it’s a fair assumption to say you have some sort of digital footprint. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, maybe your own website…you get the idea. Data has shown that one of the first things new people to your digital accounts look for is your profile picture. People want to associate a face with the profile. They want to know that they can know and trust you. If you have an outdated headshot that looks just like you….20 years ago, you lose credibility.

You Are Going To Be Asked For Your Professional Headshot

Professional Headshot by Louisville Headshot Photographer Ben Marcum

Many people come to see me for a new professional headshot because they have something coming up that has requested it.  Whether a magazine is writing an article about you, you are doing a speaking engagement, you’ve gotten a promotion, your company is updating its website, you’ve won an award, you’re interviewing for a new job, etc. There are endless reasons people tell me they need a new headshot. I suggest not waiting until the last minute when it becomes a stressful situation!

Your Professional Headshot Tells People You Care

Professional Headshot by Louisville Headshot Photographer Ben Marcum

By showing that you have taken the time, effort, and energy to have a fantastic professional headshot, you are telling everyone who views it that you care about what you do, you care about how your present to the world, and that you respect the people who you enter into a professional relationship with.  If you have a cropped photo from a friend’s wedding, or worse, no profile image at all, you are telling people that you are perfectly fine with the bare minimum and that is exactly what you will offer them.