As the old saying goes, details matter.  It’s true for your professional headshots as well.  Here are some of my favorite products that can help you look sharp and put together for your headshots.

1: FORMULA 10.0.6 Ten O Six Seriously Shine-Free Moisturizers

If you do not wear makeup, this gel is perfect. It absorbs oil and reduces shine.  I have used it for years any time I step in front of the camera.  Since so many of my meetings have moved to zoom, I’ve been using it for those as well.  It is lightweight so I don’t feel like I am wearing makeup.  A little bit goes a long way too, so this tube will last you for months. It’s absolutely a must-have! (* Note, if you do wear makeup, I suggest hiring a makeup artist for your headshots session.  Click here to find out more)

2: Collar Stays

You know those little plastic tabs that come in the collar of your dress shirts?  Many people don’t know that those little things play an important part of helping you look sharp!  They are meant to keep the tips of your collar from rolling under.  However, the little plastic collar stays aren’t great. The little plastic stays aren’t very sturdy and they’ll bend out of shape. Even if they hold up pretty well, they can get lost during laundry. This set of metal stays holds their shape forever and will ensure you’ve got spares.

3: Perky Collar

On the subject of collars….the collar on your dress shirt is meant to sit up and look crisp. If your collar has gotten droopy, it can look a little sloppy. Enter the Perky Collar! It’s a brilliant support system that fits most dress shirt collars and helps keep your shirt looking fresh.