What to expect in your headshot session

“I am not photogenic.”
“Good luck getting a good one out of me.”
“I will probably be the hardest person you ever work with.”
I hear these things every day when people come to the studio for their professional headshot or acting headshot session. I think most people equate having their photo taken by a professional to elementary school picture day when you were handed a cheap plastic comb and were forced into an awkward smile.

Allow me to shatter that notion for you. I cannot speak to any other photography studio, but I can give you a pretty good idea of what to expect in mine. Here is what you should expect-

You’ll be greeted by me as soon as you walk in the door. If you brought extra outfits (and you should have!), we’ll get those hung on the rack, and get you settled. I always like to take a few moments to chat with you and find out how you are using your headshots and what “vibes” you identify with. You and I will be a team your entire session, so the more I know, the better!
Then it is time to take a look at the clothing you brought for your session and make some choices about what you’ll wear. I love to work a wide range of “looks” in my headshot sessions. If you are working with my makeup artist (and you should!), she will also be checking out clothing with us so she can plan the makeup to go with the outfits. 

With the wardrobe picked out, ladies, you will now head to the makeup chair. Gents, I don’t do makeup for your headshots, unless you wear it in your everyday life. For actor headshots, I start with a very “natural” look, then add as we go. For my business/professional headshots, we’ll start with what you would wear for a job interview or presentation, and work up from there if needed.

Once makeup is done, and the first outfit is on, we will get you in front of the camera for a quick light test. Every face is different so I adjust my lighting accordingly. I shoot all of my headshot sessions tethered, so we’ll see immediately how everything is looking. This also gives the makeup artist a chance to make adjustments to your makeup in real-time (another excellent reason to take advantage of her services!).

Now that we are dialed in, the real fun begins! Unlike your grade school photos, I will coach and guide you the entire time we are working together, and you’ll quickly forget you’re even in front of a camera. I get genuine, engaging photos out of everyone I work with because I help you make a real connection with the camera. Together, we’ll get confident and approachable shots, and at no point will I say the “S” word, because I won’t need to!

Once we have a collection of great shots from each “look”, we’ll review your images immediately, so we know what is working and what isn’t before you change into your next look. There will be no surprises when you leave my studio. (it is normally during the review of the first look that I prove to people that amazing images of themselves can happen).
At the end of your appointment, you and I will review your images together.  At that time you will be able to select which headshots you’d like.  Many people end up choosing several so they have different looks and expressions for different applications.

After you choose your images, and they are edited, you’ll be ready to post them to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and watch the likes come rolling in! Not to mention updating your website, company email profile picture, sending to casting directors, and your agent.

We will laugh a lot while we are working. Many times, as people are leaving they talk about the fun they had while we work.  Your headshot session should not be a stressful situation, and if you work with me, it won’t be.