Finding Your Headshot Photographer

 You probably have a doctor that you see as a general practitioner but if there’s something more specific going on, you may go see a specialist. Photographers are no different. There are general practitioners and there are specialists. Both have their place.  You have to figure out what is right for you and your branding. Have a look at these tips to help you find the right headshot photographer for you.

Start With the Web

As is so common today, start with Google. Be specific in your search.  If you simply look for “photographers” you will have to sort through tons more information.  Look for headshot photographers in your area.  If you find one you like, search for them specifically.  See if they’ve been reviewed on Google and what actual clients have to say.  

The Photographer’s Portfolio

Look at their website.  You will easily be able to tell if they’re a jack of all trades or someone who specializes. If they show weddings, babies, families, events, landscapes, product shots, AND headshots, there’s a possibility that they haven’t taken the time to master any one of those areas. If they show one to two areas, there is a much better chance that they have spent the time to perfect their techniques in those areas.

You should be able to look at a photographer’s headshot portfolio and have a pretty solid idea of what you will be getting if you hire that person.  Does the style of the work show the image that you would like to present to the world?  Do the people in the images look confident, approachable, or is there a generic smile, miserable expression, or totally blank?

Talk to People You Know

Actors, I think it is fairly safe to say you know other actors who have gotten headshots.  Do not be afraid to ask them about their experience and recommendations.  Non-actors, talk to friends and family.  There is a solid chance that some people you know have had professional headshots.  Look through your LinkedIn and private message your network. Most people will be happy to share their thoughts.

By Ben Marcum Louisville Headshot Specialist

Don’t Shop on Price

This is your marketing we are talking about. You will be using these images to make a first impression on casting directors, clients, employers, etc.  The important part is do you like the images that the photographer produces.  I am not saying go with the most expensive or the cheapest. I am saying go with work that will represent you the way you want to present yourself to the world. As the saying goes, “Buy it nice or buy it twice”.
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