Headshots are everywhere these days.  Everywhere you turn you see them.  They are used by actors to market themselves and book that next role.  They are your profile pictures on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, dating websites.  You use your headshot on your website, your email accounts, business cards.  Media asks for your headshot when they do an article about you.  Everywhere you turn throughout your day, you see someone’s headshots.

If headshots are that ubiquitous, then you know you have to have one.  Shouldn’t yours be amazing?  This is your personal branding we are talking about.  Do you want to leave that to a selfie or a cropped wedding photo?

This page is your go-to resource for getting ready for your professional headshot or acting headshot session.

What Should I Wear For My Headshots

First thing first.  Only bring clothing to your headshot session that you are comfortable in and you love.  If you don’t love the outfit choice, you are not going to love the images of you wearing them.

Bring a good range of clothing with you. Business professionals, you may want to have casual to corporate depending on what you do and how you plan on using your images.

Actors, you will want to show a range of potential characters that you would like to play. 

Do not worry about being seasonal.

For more specifics, check out this article I wrote: What To Wear For Your Headshots

Makeup for Headshots

If you wear makeup, I highly recommend you hire a makeup artist for your headshot session. Many times, over-the-counter makeup, is not best suited for the detail captured by today’s cameras or the intensity of photography lighting  I work with the best team of makeup artists in Louisville, The Beauty Patrol.  They use only professional products and stay with us through your entire headshot session.  Since I shoot all of my sessions tethered the makeup artist can see exactly how your makeup looks on camera while we are working.  If anything needs an adjustment, they will fix it.

Find out more about the amazing benefits of hiring a professional makeup artist for your headshots here.

If you are confident that you would like to do your own:

Think boardroom or audition when planning your looks, not night on the town.

Avoid “trends”. Makeup trends can change rapidly. If you only plan on updating your headshot every couple of years, trendy looks can make your headshot look dated.

Bring your makeup kit with you. If we need to do touchups or if a color is not working under the lights, we will want to fix it.

Avoid makeup with an SPF content or a mineral base. These products will reflect light and make you look washed out.

Hair for Headshots

Hairstyles are a very personal thing.  You know what you like the best and in most cases, you know how to create the looks that you love.  I would advise against trying something new just before your headshots.

For actors, you want to have hairstyles in your headshots that you are most likely to wear to auditions.

For professional headshots, make sure your hairstyle looks like you and you love it.

I have written an in-depth article about it here.

What is tethering and what does it mean for Headshots

Tetherings is one of the most important tools I use during a headshot session.  It means you know that we are getting the headshots that you love while we are working and no surprises when we are finished

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