With any art form or trade, we all work to constantly better our craft and improve our technique and process.  Since I found my passion for headshot photography a short two years ago, I have been studying the techniques of headshot photographer Peter Hurley, honing the craft and striving to perfect my work.  I found myself drawn to Hurley’s work, not because of the solid backdrops, light setup, or other technical aspects, but because of the emphasis he places on connecting with the subject.  It’s about the interaction and coaching, getting real responses from the people in front of my camera.

At the end of 2014,  I officially joined Peter’s training program, the Headshot Crew,  to help push my headshot game to the next level.  This meant that I would spend six months submitting my  work for weekly review by Peter.  He would look at it and would give suggestions and feedback, or suggest ways I could adjust or refine my work.  Taking part in this review process also connected me to other photographers around the world who had the same goal of learning, sharing and improving –   a headshot photographer support system, if you will.

After months of work, I’m so pleased to say that last night, I was promoted in the system from Protege to Associate.

What this means…
This means that I will be one of a few carefully selected regional photographers that Peter will refer clients to, should they be unable to travel to one of Peter’s locations.  It also means that I can now help guide other up and coming talent in The Headshot Crew program, while continuing to learn and grow myself.

Though this is an exciting development, it doesn’t change my day to day business or my work.   I remain an independent photographer, creating my own work, separate from Peter’s business, and am not bound by any regulations or criteria.   This is just a pretty great stamp of approval from one of the best in the business, and a way for me to connect with new clients in the greater Kentucky area who want the best headshot.

This is a huge honor, and I am extremely excited and proud.  If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below, and if you are ready to book your headshot session with Louisville’s (and Kentucky’s) first, Headshot Crew Associate, you can contact me here.