A lot of folks who come in are afraid that there is no way we will ever get a great image of them. They are nervous about being in front of the camera, or anxious that they’ll discover too late they don’t like the shirt they wore or the way they combed their hair.

All of my sessions are a team effort, with the goal of making you feel completely comfortable with the camera.  This will not be the kind of session where you stand in front of the camera, give a big forced smile, and walk out  I’ll be working with you the entire session to help you be confident and approachable. This also means you have to work with me.  I can only photograph what you are willing to show. If you allow yourself to listen to my direction and trust me during our shoot,  we will get shots of you that are engaging and real.

I shoot all of my studio sessions tethered. This means my camera is connected to my computer, and the images come up on screen while we are working.  After we work through a look, we will review the images and make sure everyone is happy with the results.  This gives us a chance to see what is working and make adjustments if something isn’t.  There will be no surprises when you leave the studio and pull up your proofing gallery at home, because we will have gone through the entire shoot together and approved every shot.

I do think that I have a great eye for what looks good.  With that said, I cannot control how other will react to your session (spouses, agents, publicists, friends, etc).  During your session, if you see anything that causes you concern about the marketability of your shots, you should let me know immediately.  Any concerns should be brought to my attention during our session so we can correct course if needed and ensure your headshots meet all of your expectations.

Since my shooting process allows for instant consideration and response, there is no re-shoot policy. Should you want additional or new images taken, they will require a new session appointment and fee.