Ben Marcum, Louisville Headshot Photographer, Portrait Photographer

I’ve always been one to create – as a teenager, I was into photography and theatre and eventually spent 20 years working as a sound designer and composer in theatre. I rediscovered my love of the camera several years ago, and have been enthusiastically photographing people ever since.

I am a mentor in Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew, where I help educate headshot photographers around the world.

My work has been seen in  nFocus Magazine, Louisville Magazine,

A photographer I admire greatly said something like 90% of what photographers do is psychology, 10% is photography. I agree with him. Getting people to deliver themselves and helping them tell a story is the art of what I do, a fascinating blend of art and science.

You can find me on many social media outlets, often. (FacebookInstagram, Twitter)


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