You Should Not Be Last : Why You Should Have A Portrait Session

I was having coffee with a friend the other day. We got to chatting a bit about me expanding my business from headshots only (which I love doing) to starting to book my “Vanity Fair” styled portrait sessions.  We spent time looking at my images and talking about why I love creating them.  As the rabbit hole kept getting deeper, she mentioned that someone like her may be hard to convince to come in for a session because as a wife, mother, and professional, she always puts herself last.  There are things around the house to deal with, kids have school and all of the extracurricular activities,  her own work life needs a large chunk of time, so at the end of a week, what’s left!?

I’ve been thinking about this since our conversation.  Let me give you the perfect reasons that you, no how many responsibilities, cares and tasks you have, should have a portrait session.

When was the last time you had a beautiful portrait of you taken?

Your phone doesn’t count.

The truth is, we are all in front of a camera now more than any time in history.  You may even be reading this on a device that could take a picture of you right now.  However, I am guessing that most of the photos of you on your or your friends’ phones end up on social media, get some likes, then move on down the feed and are forgotten within a couple days.

What if you could have beautiful images of yourself that you could display?  Images that you could pick up and enjoy? Images that evoked an emotion every time you walked past them in your house?  

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Portraits Become Part of Your Legacy

I’ve never heard anyone say “Last time I was with my family, we sat and looked through our Instagram accounts.”  However, I talk to friends all the time who love going through the family photo albums.  Actually, in the past couple years, I received a suitcase full of images from my grandmother and spent days going through it.  Several images from that case are now proudly displayed on a legacy wall in my home!

Her’s another example – During a recent reveal for a session that a mother had purchased for her daughter, we noted that in the time from when we shot the session, to the time that they came back to see their printed images (only a few weeks time), she had gone through a massive style change with her hair.  All of us go through changes so constantly and it is worth documenting. In fact, sometimes we don’t even notice those small, constant changes until we do see a photo of our self or a loved one. 

You Deserve to Exist in Photos

If you are a parent, I am guessing that you have a ton of photos of your kids.  I am also guessing that you are in very few of them because you are behind the camera.  You deserve to be in front of it too.  Your family wants to see you in pictures.  Think back to all of the photos taken of you when you were young?  Do you have a ton where it is you and very few of you and your mom?  My guess is Mom was pressing the shutter a majority of the time.

A Portrait Session Is Fun

Your hair and makeup will be done by a professional.  You get to wear clothes that you may not get to wear in your real life. This is a chance for you to wear beautiful outfits that make you feel amazing.  Maybe you want to a beautiful gown, something edgy, something ethereal, or maybe you prefer something a little softer…maybe you want to do all of the above!  The entire session is tailored to what you want.  When your session is over, you are already going to have your hair and makeup done.  What a perfect excuse for an amazing night out!

If you don’t want to go in alone, bring friends!  Everyone can get their personal images and you can have group images!

…and not to toot my own horn, but I am a blast!

You Should Do Things For You

As I mentioned.  You do a lot.  Work, running kids to school, practices, social engagements, there are things to do around the house, errands to run…It can seem non-stop.  Make the time to stop the world.  Let the attention be focused on you for a couple hours.

There Is No Other Feeling Like Seeing Printed Images

After my sessions, I take the time to edited your images.  I print them and invite you back to experience them. Honestly, there is no other feeling like seeing your images in print.  It is so very different than seeing them digitally. I don’t think I can describe in the written word what it is like.  What I can tell you is everyone that comes in and sees their printed portraits spends a lot of time staring and touching the images on display. It is magical.

Take the time.  Do something for you.

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