Stephanie Lehr Portraits

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Stephanie. I positively love sessions like this – it means the world to me to create an experience for someone where they are the center of attention and get to feel like a celebrity in a magazine. And at the end of it, they have images that they will cherish for the rest of their lives!

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From Stephanie

I cannot say enough positive things about Ben Marcum Photography. I am not someone who enjoys getting their picture taken. Actually, I’ve only had professional pictures taken two other times in my life… my senior portrait & my wedding day. I’m not the “photogenic” kind.

I won’t lie and say I wasn’t nervous going into my session with Ben. But he put me at ease from the very beginning. I asked a lot of questions- A LOT of questions. And he answered each one not only professionally but with thought & sincerity. I was clueless on what to bring to wear and even though I brought everything I owned to the photoshoot, and I promise you I about did, he did not judge me. In fact, he went through each piece explaining what we should look for & gave me ideas of what poses would look good in what.

As for the day of my session, again I was nervous, but Ben has a larger than life attitude that, as soon as I arrived, took over & instantly made me feel at ease. I sat down with Alexis with The Beauty Patrol and had my hair and makeup done beautifully. Then time flew by with each flash of the camera. A lot of laughter was involved!

When Ben called me and asked me to come in to look over the finished photographs, I don’t think I was ready for the emotions I experienced. He pulled them up on his computer, and as they played one by one, I actually got emotional. These photos… these moments that I had been a part of… made me feel beautiful. That is not something I generally feel about myself. I don’t see myself the way I was seeing myself on that screen.  I think every woman; everybody deserves to have that moment.

In addition, I think that when we are planning our weddings, we plan as much as we can. I had the dress,  the shoes, the makeup the hair, etc. But even after the planning, the time & money spent… I didn’t have the photos I would have enjoyed. Now, thanks to Ben Marcum Photography, I do. Thank you, Ben, for capturing photos and moments I didn’t think were possible and for making me feel beautiful.

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