Rooftop Shoot with Ashleigh

There were a number of factors that made this shoot possible.  It could easily fall under the “perfect storm” category.

First: I moved into my studio in downtown Louisville in January of 2016. I knew from the first time I saw the building that I needed to do at least one shoot on the roof.

Second: I met Ashleigh when I shot her headshots earlier this year.  We had a wonderful working chemistry and we both agreed that we would need to work together on a creative project.

Third: Kentucky weather finally decided to give us a little fall weather so it would not be 100+ degrees on the roof.

Fourth: The view from the top of the building gave us a 360-degree view of Louisville which is not only the perfect backdrop but is simply beautiful.

I have so much gratitude for the team that worked on this project.
Model: Ashleigh Hamilton
Makeup Artist : Pam Butler of The Beauty Patrol
Photographer’s Assistant: Derek Hibben
Behind the Scenes Video Camera: Michaela Reeves


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