While visiting her friend Kesley, Alexis saw a portrait that I had created for Kesley. 

Alexis, being a self-described lover of impressionist art, was taken by Kesley’s portrait. So much so that she reached out to commission a portrait sitting for herself.

Alexis told me: “She looked like the actual painting. After seeing it, I wanted to pose for a portrait too.”

We had several conversations discussing how she wanted to be photographed and what she wanted her portraits to feel like. Alexis loves the iconic painting “Madame X” by John Singer Sergeant and wanted to be part of a version of her own.  She also knew she wanted a series of dramatic portraits with an eternal painterly feel as well as some fine art nude portraits

Before her sitting, we also discussed how she would want to display her portraits. She was most interested in having large pieces for her walls at home, so throughout her portrait sitting, I kept that in mind. While viewing all of her session portraits, we discussed where each piece could be hung in her house and what sizes would work best for her space. That allowed Alexis to choose a set of images in sizes that could be shown to maximum advantage, in exactly the right spots. 

“I was awestruck. The portraits looked like they should be hanging in a manor or a museum”, Alexis said, after viewing the results of her session. 

Awestruck is a common reaction when my clients see their portraits, and it never gets old. One of the best parts of my job as a portrait artist is presenting someone with an iconic and enduring image of themselves and seeing how much it means to them. If you’re ready to be art, schedule your own portrait sitting.

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