Kesley’s Portrait Session

I  recently had the pleasure of photographing Kesley again. After her session, Kesley was kind enough to share her thoughts on the experience for me to share with you.

As always, A huge thank you goes to Pam Butler of The Beauty Patrol for the stunning makeup!

Kesley’s Thoughts on Her Portrait Experience:

I’ve wanted to do some natural portraits, with a little bit of glam for some time now. I am a natural redhead and adore my freckles. I wanted to feel confident in my own skin and take pride in the beauty aspects that make me, me. I had been feeling down, and not my best for quite some time. My life and my schedule have been go-go-go, and I forgot to do things for me. I needed to see myself from another perspective and learn to love me for me again.

I was scared to death, honestly, that my hair and makeup wouldn’t be what I wanted it to be. I wanted to reflect on who I was as a person, while also showing off my natural features.  Pam was amazing. She constantly asked how I felt about certain lip colors, and even gave me a pre-shoot lo-down about how to prepare my skin the day before the shoot. She was very professional, and bubbly, which made me feel so much more comfortable on set.

Ben made the feeling in front of the camera like a casual conversation. I wasn’t left without direction and was guided with each pose. It was swift! We had some of my favorite music playing in the background, and I felt like I was carefree. It felt like me. Real laughing, real captures. As we were shooting, Ben would let me take a look at some of the shots to see how I was liking the makeup on camera, as well as the general direction of the shoot. This made me feel more confident in my images to come! My face lit up and I was almost in tears after seeing some shots. I’m in tears of joy just writing this. I’d pause at the screen and think.. “is that me, she’s beautiful.”

There is power in portraits. We preserve the important events and people in our lives, attended ceremonies, birthdays, weddings etc. They are recorded because they matter, so why don’t we as individuals? Personal portraits are pieces of us, a feel-good event of their own importance.

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