Hedwig and the Angry Inch

And now for something a little different! I spent a lot of years working as a sound designer in theatre, and I still have a lot of favorite shows – one of those is “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, which is being staged next month by Louisville’s own Pandora Productions. 

“From obscurity to infamy! A rock concert with political as well as psychosexual overtones. “Hedwig” tells the story of an East German “slip of a girlyboy” who becomes (almost) a woman, (almost) an American and (almost) a rock star.”  

So Pandora describes the show in their website, and it’s a great description of this electric story.

Since the show debuted, many actors have donned the wig and brought Hedwig to life, Michael C. Hall and Neil Patrick Harris included.  Pandora Productions has cast local talent Neill Robertson in the title role.  When I learned he would be taking the role, my first thought was, “This will be amazing! He’s perfect for Hedwig!”.   

A week or so after the show announcement, I happened to lose myself down a rabbit hole on Pinterest as images from Lady Gaga’s Vanity Fair shoot were all over my feed.  That shoot made me think of Neill and I decided I needed to photograph him as Hedwig. A couple of quick emails between Michael Drury (artistic director for Pandora Productions), Neill and myself and we were set.

I asked Neill, who is a fantastically talented makeup artist in addition to being a formidable actor,  to do his makeup in the studio.  I wanted to see the transformation.  It is such a dramatic transition that I knew it would add a special energy to the room, and it did.   While getting into makeup,  Neill spoke with  Lindsay Chamberlin, costume designer for this production of Hedwig, and I about the music rehearsals he had been a part of over the past week.  His excitement about the skill of the band and the feeling of hearing the music just fired me up more for the shoot and the show!

We captured SO many good images during this session – I didn’t even know where to start.  Neill stepped into character so seamlessly and delivered so much emotion that I could barely hit the shutter fast enough. The full gallery of photos is below. 

Here is what I know.  You need to see this show and tickets will go fast.  

Show dates are May 11th -May 21st at 

The Henry Clay Theatre
604 S 3rd Street
Louisville, KY 40202

Ticketing information can be found Pandora’s website

Hedwig and the Angry Inch Tickets

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